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An award-winning new play

by Dr. Mac, Judy Stevens Long & Mark Young

An inspiring new musical adventure for kids and families
from the creator of the acclaimed Happy Kids Songs series

Elementary School Musical has been called “edutainment at its best”— a delightful combination of music, messages and performance all rolled into one.


Tailor-made for grade school performances and addressing themes important to kids today, the show is packed with songs, humor, mystery and surprise, as the quest to help a scruffy old dog takes our cast of young characters on a journey to a forest, a castle, the depths of the ocean, to the moon and back and more.


Along the way, you'll find songs that address bullying, positive thinking, shyness, fears, gratitude, kindness, celebrating differences and persisting in the face of adversity. Deftly weaving together elements of a game show, rhythm and dance, ear-catching songs, audience participation and more, Elementary School Musical is sure to feed the hearts and souls of kids of all ages.

Listen to Sample Songs from Elementary School Musical

The eight award-winning songs for Elementary School Musical  have been produced and recorded to provide a template of mixing options for theater groups, schools and classrooms. There are options for adding piano, drum or guitar, or embellishing the choral singing with tracks recorded by super-star kid singers from Southern California. You can order your copy here.


Watch our special bonus video of one of the show's signature tunes, or give a listen to the sample tracks below.

Want to know more about Elementary School Musical ?

Check out the video below as Dr. Mac shares the behind-the-scenes story of Elementary School Musical,

as well as a sneak peek look at a special backyard showcase performance of the some of the show's engaging songs.


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